Our Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

West Bengal's education system is are of two kinds based on people's economical condition.Some percentages of people got the sophisticated education where as some people are still struggling for their existence.So, they can not provide adequate education to their children.The parallelism is not in Education System here.We can notice that CBSE,ICSE.students growth in Education is very profound apart from these they are engaged with some national and international institute who give the best education in digital way such as Biju's,Unacademy ,vedantu and many more but most West Bengal Board students are not financially fit to get the education.

So, we here launching an Educational project in India for Educationally deprived family to give the best Education and make the education system parallel..


We are launching here Digital Education in West Bengal.There are lots of institution and companies are working in this field in Bengal and India But our mission is very much distinguished from them..


Every chapter will be in 3D Animation for demonstration elastration.

The students will get 3 ways education.

(1) Pre-recorded class- All classes of all chapters will be already uploaded with exercise and automatic Examination system.

(2) 3D Animation- All the classes will also be description in 3D animation.

(3) Live Classes- Teachers will give the Live classes of 35(minutes)in prolific way.

Online education platforms can aslo more diverse representation of students populations as learners prepare for working in the 21th century.The diversity comes from interacting with students outside ones geographical location. Asynchronous learning environments are described as online spaces where work is supported through use of digital platforms in such a way that participants are not required.

The attraction the project is-FREE TABLET to all students, students will get Free Table with his class bassed material as other company Biju, Unacademy , Vedantu provides, only our academy will be different from others. The price of the tablet is about Rs.10.000/-(ten thousands)only but our organization is giving it totally free of cost only taking life time registration fees Rs.2500/-(Two thousands five hundred)only. A USA based NGO is supporting us to execute the whole project.


We are normally appointing 19500 teachers for the project is West Bengal in the level ICDS, PRIMARY and UPPER PRIMARY students.they will have to collect a Laptop with 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard disk and 13 processor and other accessoires for the selected candidates. They will be charged Rs.20,000/-(twenty thousands)only and they will be provided a concert traning for teaching in digitalized way. They will be placed for teaching at in ur project at ISE tied-up school.